Yamaha iPulse M20 Flexible Mounter


Yamaha iPulse M20 Flexible Mounter


Yamaha iPulse M20 Flexible Mounter w/Preferred Option Package

DOM: 2018

Hours: 9000

4 Feeder Trollies + 4 Spare Feeder Trollies (8 Total)

Single Gantry, Multiple Spindle Placement Head

01005 Capable

Large Board Option 1450mm x 510mm

Tray Feeder

Head Camera

Front multi-scan camera

Board-grip mutli-conveyor system

Auto conveyor adjust

Board Warp Detection (2 laser sensors)

Auto nozzle changer

6-Head 2-Theta Head Unit

Changeable clamp unit for CFB (front right and left, Rear right and left)

SS Feeder capable software

F3 changeable feeder bank

Rear multi-scan camera

F3 Set-up Station

Internal Lighting

Rear side operation

Conveyor muzzle set

Component setup verification

Nozzle P061

Nozzle P062

Nozzle P055

Nozzle P073

Nozzle P019

Nozzle P020

SMEMA Handshake 


ManufacturerYamaha I-Pulse