Janome-2300N Cartesian 3-Axis Desktop Soldering Robot

Janome-2300N Cartesian 3-Axis Desktop Soldering Robot

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Janome-JR2300N 3-Axis Type Desktop Soldering Robot Cartesian

X-Axis- 300mm

Y-Axis- 320mm

Z-Axis- 100mm

Drive Method- 5-Phase Stepping motor

Control Method- PTP(Point to Point) control, CP(Continuous Path) control

Interpolating Function-3-dimensional line and arc interpolation

Janome original software JR C-Points: A simple and broad-use teaching system

Broad-use: User-oriented programming such as I/O control etc.

Signals input / output (I / O): 16 input signals and 16 output

External Interface: RS232C, 2 channels for external devices (optional), RS422 w / panel

220V Power: 180-250 VAC consumption 200 VA

Ambient Temperature 0 - 40°C

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Model2300N 304N