2009 MPM Momentum Elite

2009 MPM Momentum Elite

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MPM Momentum Elite Screen Printer (2009) Vintage: 2009 (Installed 2010) EdgeLoc Snugger System 6 second cycle time Triple Track Conveyor System (66" Length) with Servo Drive Motors Rapid View Inspection - 4x larger field of view provides faster inspection times Adjustable Stencil Shelves (Note: supports stencils 23" or larger) Quick-Tool Option Automatic Tooling Support System (48 Pins) Advanced Post Print Inspection Package Contrast Based 2D Inspection (paste on pad) & BridgeVision Programmable squeegee print head Closed Loop Stencil Wiper with Vacuum and Solvent Digital probe with telecentric optics, ultrasonic board stop sensor, and LED flash lighting IR Light - Enhances Inspection Recognition for OSP Boards Automatic Stencil Positioning Programmable Board Stop (Hardstop and Non Contact Stop included) Centernest clamping includes: Fixed top clamps and centernest vacuum hold-down Front Fixed Single Tracks Board thickness range of 0.2mm to 5mm Min Board: 50.8mm X 50.8mm (2" X 2")


ModelMomentum Elite
Process flowLeft to Right
SoftwareWindows OS