GPD CF-9 Radial Lead Forming Machine


GPD CF-9 Radial Lead Forming Machine


CF-9 forms and cuts to length a wide variety of two- and three-leaded taped radial components such as TO-92’s, capacitors, transistors, and LED’s

Two die stations with standard micrometer scale indicators adjust independently

As the first component moves through the system, it is presented to two die stations. The first die station is generally used to form components, and the second to cut components from the tape. Depending on the components being processed and the desired component lead form,

the second station may be used to both cut and form, just cut, or be excluded in order to leave

components on tape.

The indexing system, the heart of the CF-9, drives the studded transfer belt. The studs, or pins,

on the belt pick up the tape holes and index exactly 1/2″ (12.70 mm) every time.


Stock Number1700013
Process flowStandalone