Leeson PermaMag DC Motor CM34D25FC2B


Leeson PermaMag DC Motor CM34D25FC2B

Available quantity: 2


Leeson PermaMag DC Motor CM34D25FC2B


  • Precision machined gearing, hardened for maximum load capability
  • All gearing designed and rated to AGMA class 9 standards, and to withstand momentary shock overload of 200%
  • Oversized output bearings for greater overhung load capacity and long life
  • High carbon alloy output shaft provides maximum strength and rigidity
  • All needle bearing journals are precision ground after heat treating to provide maximum fit and finish
  • Heavy duty industrial oil seals keep lubricant in and dirt out
  • Motor Type: Brushed
  • Shaft Type Parallel
  • Input Horsepower1/3 hp
  • Motor Supply Voltage 130 V
  • Gear Ratio 43 :1
  • Output RPM 2500 rpm
  • Full Load Torque 220 in
  • Full Load Current 2.30 A
  • Enclosure Type TEFC (Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated)
  • Mounting Type Special


Part numberCM34D25FC2B