2018 Technical Device Nu/Era CV 400

2018 Technical Device Nu/Era CV 400

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Technical Device Nu/Era CV 400 Wave Soldering Machine (Lightly Used) Vintage: 2018 Includes: 400 lbs of SAC305 & Wave Exit Conveyor Motorized Roll Out Solder Pot 118″ x 46″ Footprint Dimension Internal Spray Fluxer Forced Air Convection Preheater Dual Wave with Titanium Nozzle 7 Day Skip Timer Constant Pressure and Flow Topside Tunnel for Uniform Temperature 3.5 KW Preheat Power Lead-Free Solder Pot Titanium “Dancer” and Laminar Wave Nozzles P.I.D. Temperature Control Low Dross Formation 440 lb. Solder Capacity Motorized Rollout Solder Pot 400mm (15.6”) Process Width Variable Speed 0-72 “ Per Minute Standard “V” Shaped Titanium Fingers Adjustable Conveyor Angle Cooling Fan after the Wave


ManufacturerTechnical Device
ModelNu/Era CV 400
Process flowLeft to Right