2005 Air-Vac Onyx29 Rework Station

2005 Air-Vac Onyx29 Rework Station

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Air-Vac Onyx29 Rework Station

Vintage: 2005

Lead Free Capable

Site cleaning feature

9 micron placement accuracy (0.0003”) @ 3 Sigma High volume rework

Ultra-fast heat up for Lead-Free Rework

Fast controlled board cool down

Process repeatability

Uniform joint temperature

Precision air flow

Simple, fast & easy to use software

Large, clear images for component alignment

Components up to 3.0” (75mm) Micro site cleaning Clean and uniform pads for replacement device Solder dots or lines down to 0.010”

Dispensing of solder paste, epoxy, under fill or flux Heater


Board size minimum = 3.0"W Board size maximum = 20.0"W x Unlimited Top and bottom side clearance = 1.20" (optional 2.75") Bottom heating: 19" x 19", 4 zones, 6000 watts Axes speed (X,Y,Z) = .15 ms Axes resolution (X,Y,Z) = .001 mm Top heater power Powerful 2000 watt top heater. Lead-Free Infra-red (IR) bottom heating technology. The heating element provides extremely uniform preheat over the entire surface. The bottom heating panel is 19" x 19" and features four (4) independently programmable heating zones (6000 watts).

Programmable cold air injection and linear air knife provide precise cool down control to optimize time over reflow. Interactive thermal profiling provides "on-the-fly" adjustments.

Includes: 10 nozzles. Additional nozzles can be purchased.


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