Universal 6241F VCD / Sequencer 8 Axial Insertion Machine


Universal 6241F VCD / Sequencer 8 Axial Insertion Machine


Universal 6241F VCD / Sequencer 8 Axial Insertion Machine single head axial lead component sequencer/inserter

VCD/Sequencer 8 sequencer modules contain dispensing heads which cut axial lead components from input tape reels or ammo packs and place them on the sequencer chain

  1. Includes 40 Stations
  2. Insertions: 2.2 Million (VERY LOW!)
  3. Board Error Correction (BEC)
  4. Board Error Correction Detection Area
  5. Standard Tooling
  6. Software version UPS 5.1.1
  7. High-performance insertion machine with insertion rates up to 25,000 components per hour, and insertion PPM of 200 or better
  8. Insertion span capabilities from 5mm (0.197″) to 24.13mm (0.950″) with standard tape input, depending on tooling selected
  9. VME-based control system with embedded P.C. IM-Universal Platform Software with graphical user interface Servo-motor driven insertion head, clinch, component centering, insertion span axis, sequencer chain, and X and Y table
  10. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) included with each machine
  11. Expandable to 220 component inputs
  12. Component Types Capacitors, resistors, diodes, jumper wire, etc. 

Component Specs:

  1. Component Class I Distance Between Tapes 52.4mm +/- 1.5mm (2.063” +/- 0.059”)
  2. Pitch 5.08mm (0.200”) or 10.16mm (0.400”)
  3. Component Replenishment Without stopping production
  4. Max Board Handling: 22”x18”
  5. Install and training available
  6. Warranty available
  7. Fully Functional


Stock Number1700009
Process flowStandalone