SCS Precision Coat V Conformal Coater

SCS Precision Coat V Conformal Coater

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SCS Precision Coat V Conformal Coater 5 Axis Power Tilt and Rotate with Automatic Tool Changer. Programmable fourth and fifth axis 355 degrees of rotation and 45 degrees of tilt. Vision System; camera w/light for fudicial and pattern recognition, program assistance, bad board recognition, missing board recognition Programmable atomization pressure (atomizing head) Programmable syringe pressure LED black lighting for inspection Toggle for UV Spot Cure Spray Valve Dispense valve with suck back Valve auto quick change Laser calibration system for x,y and z needle location Pin Chain Conveyor PC-based Control Under a Windows Environment Running Proprietary Coating Control Software Precision Ball Screw Gantry System Interior Lighting SMEMA Handshake Conformance Offline Programming 5" Pass Through Clearance Hand Crank Manual Width Adjust


ModelPrecision Coat V
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