Nordson Asymtek SL-940 Select Coat


Nordson Asymtek SL-940 Select Coat


Nordson Asymtek SL-940 Select Coat Automated Fluid Dispenser Standalone Conformal Coater Easy Coat® for Windows® Software Laptop Computer Batch Tooling holder Solvent-Purge Station with Cups Front-access Hatch with Interlock Downdraft Ventilation System Stainless Steel Interior Vision System with Fiducial Find Camera and Pattern Recognition System (PRS) Dual Action bracket, double slide (75 mm z-axis clearance) UV-light (In addition to white light. Dual LED spots, switchable) DV-09 with 30cc syringe The DV valve is an air-operated, adjustable needle valve. ESR, Hardware for Prime DV-0x with reservoir up to 6 oz ESR, HIGH RES. ROT/TILT, SL-94XE ESR,OPT,SNSR,POSN VERIFY,940 Prime SC-280N, Film Coating Fluid System (Non-Circulating) Non-atomized coating provides >99% transfer. Selectively coats complex circuit boards in seconds. Improves material utilization, achieves less waste, reduces costs. Virtually eliminates masking through precise, selective material application. Use of non-atomized process and ventilated system reduces VOC emissions. Stainless steel fluid path provides compatibility with a range of materials. ESR,KIT,30CC SYRINGE,94X Prime SC-300 Tri-Mode Fluid System Three modes of operation – bead, monofilament, & swirl AIR SLEEVE, SC350,SELECT SPRAY ESR,KIT,30CC SYRINGE,94X Fully Functional


ManufacturerNordson Asymtek
Process flowStandalone
SoftwareEasy Coat