SPEA 4060 M Flying Probe


SPEA 4060 M Flying Probe


SPEA 4060-M Flying Probe Recent Service and Calibration completed by OEM 09/2019 Calibration Report Available Upon Request Hours: Approx 12,000 High Speed 6 Heads - 4 Top & 2 Bottom Open Pin Junction Scan Leonardo 2.5 Max Board 24" x 24" Analog matrix; 64ch; 4/8rows; 120V; 1A; not ext. - Requires System Interface Block Board locking mechanism for BSMH; 12 clamp; automatic width adjustment Connector Tester Interface for LCK 300 predisposed for 576 TP Bottom Side Moving Heads; 2 heads; optical alignment module Pressure rods for BSMH; Nº 2 Pneumatic pressure rods; wheelbase 3mm Automatic optical test, alignment, rotation, presence; OCV; and Pin alignment Open Pin on two top moving heads, HW+SW 2 Bottom Probes & Open Pin for two bottom moving probes; HW SPEA software dongle for LAN installation Leonardo Suite Fly YA - Gold - R2.20 (Includes all CAD importers) Local Area Network System connection with RJ45, driver and Lan interface for Flying Probe series Auxiliry AC sockets; no. 3; ULCSA System power supply; three phase; 208V


Process flowStandalone
SoftwareLeonardo 2.5