LPKF ZelPrint LT300 Bench Top Printer


LPKF ZelPrint LT300 Bench Top Printer


LPKF ZelPrint LT300 Bench Top Printer Manual Stencil Printer Parallel stencil separation Quick-release stencil frame included (ZelFlex ZR) Precision stencil adjustment with micrometer screws Compatible with various stencil frames Printing of two side populated boards LPKF ZelPrint LT300 is a precision manual stencil printer. This tabletop model can be utilized for both prototypes and small batches of fine pitch SMT boards. Precise vertical separation between stencil and circuit board is guaranteed to meet the specifications of contact printing. This unique solution allows printing of 0.3 mm (12 mil) pitch (ultra-fine-pitch area). High positioning accuracy, simple operation and the ability to use milled polymer stencils (limited to 0.65 mm [26 mil] pitch) reduces costs and increases efficiency in the production of circuit board prototypes. This printer is shipped with a ZelFlex quick-release stretching frame for stencils but is also compatible with various other frames. The precise three dimensional adjustment of the stencil with micrometer screws (X, Y, theta and clearance) is vital for superior printing results. The ZelPrint LT300 has freely adjustable, high clearance PCB nesting pins that allow printing of boards that are already populated on the other side.


ModelZelPrint LT300 Bench Top Printer
Process flowStandalone
HoursLightly Used to Not Used at All