Aqueous Technologies Trident LD DUO Batch Wash


Aqueous Technologies Trident LD DUO Batch Wash


Aqueous Technologies Trident-LD DUO Batch Wash LOW CYCLE HOURS: <500 cycles Vintage: 2012 Two-Chambered Automatic De-Fluxing & Cleanliness Testing System Low Discharge - Closed Loop Wash, filtered discharge of rinse water 16" LCD Touch-Screen Interface for each machine Unlimited memory for recipes Water temp control Air-Heater temp control Wash solution gauge w/low level alarm Chemical wash gauge Stainless Steel wash and rinse plumbing Asymmetrical spray arm design 1500 CFM high performance blower featuring convection & radiant drying system Barcode scanning Windows O/S - Professional Edition Upper Board Rack Option Dims: 86.5" x 42.5" x 79" Fully Functional


ManufacturerAqueous Technologies
ModelTrident-LD DUO
Process flowStandalone
SoftwareWindows OS