MPM Momentum Stencil Printer (2010)


MPM Momentum Stencil Printer (2010)


MPM Momentum Stencil Printer Full automated Printer Programmable squeegee print head Stencil Wiper with Vacuum and Solvent Digital probe with telecentric optics, ultrasonic board stop sensor, and LED flash lighting IR Light - Enhances Inspection Recognition for OSP Boards +/- 12.5 micron total process alignment repeatability and +/- 25.0 micron wet print accuracy Automatic Stencil Positioning Programmable Board Stop (Hardstop and Non Contact Stop included) Centernest clamping includes: Fixed top clamps and centernest vacuum hold-down Front Fixed Single Tracks Board thickness range of 0.2mm to 5mm 3mm board edge clearance capability 50.8mm X 50.8mm (2" X 2") to 609.6mm X 508mm (24" X 20") board size capability (X, Y) Windows XP based Benchmark GUI software (both registered trademarks) 737mm X 737mm (29" X 29") Stencil chase Signal Light Tower 17" flat panel display PC controlled with keyboard and trackball interface SPC data collection SMEMA handshake, Ethernet communication and CE certification 208V / 240V single phase power Gemini Light Gray Standard, Support Pin Tooling Kit 2D Board Inspection Option Built in Franklin, MA (not a China built system). Monitor Side – Right Conveyor Direction – Left to Right


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