MVP AutoInspector Supra E AOI System

MVP AutoInspector Supra E AOI System

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MVP AutoInspector Supra E AOI System Vintage: 2014 Post Reflow, Post Paste and Post Wave High Resolution Telecentric optics 75 Megapixels per second 5 MP Color Camera LED lighting 0201 & 01005 Capable SMEMA Auto Board Clamp 20” X 20” Max Board Size CAD-driven, library-based programming software Proven high performance, adaptable algorithms with highest detectability and lowest PPM false accept and false reject rates Full network integration (TCP/IP, NFS Protocol) Off-line or in-line defect review capability Defect image archive capability Real-time SPC package Report generation utilities for production inspection measurements Inspection program change tracking 5th generation proven inspection software Multipass technology, adjustable lighting intensity MVP Dynamic Process Control compatible 208V Dimensions: 990 x 1100 x 1580


ModelAutoInspector Supra E
Process flowLeft to Right
SoftwareWindows OS